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Welcome to my website. I made this place quite a few years ago now and have been keeping it up since then just for the fun of it. Please take a look around, check out the content, and let me know what you think, good or bad, by signing my guestbook. I will try to update my site often so check back soon for something new. Lateron.


06/15/2015 Made various corrections.
07/10/2008 Added the Main Gallery.
06/30/2008 Various updates. Added new pictures.
06/15/2008 Total Redesign.
06/01/2008 Relocated the site to my new domain
07/24/2004 Changed the "About Me" and "Pictures" page.
05/05/2004 Moved the webrings to the bottom of the main page.
01/22/2004 Added text links.
01/16/2004 Moved the webrings to their own page.
01/14/2004 Changed some things around.
01/11/2004 Added the "Stuff" page.
10/28/2003 Added car pictures.
09/30/2003 Updated the "About Me" page.
04/28/1998 Launch.

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